As the world turns, it is always good to assess where you are, how you got there and the road ahead of you. The dating scene has changed over the past couple of years and will continue to evolve, as should you!

Flashback! We all pivoted to dating in a “virtual reality”, a necessity of the moment in time.

Whew - glad that’s over! Being back in-person for first dates has been so important to everyone’s mental well being. And not to mention, singles were ready!

How you show up to a first date leaves a lasting impression on your match, so how do you make an impact on how you show at your best?

Every day, our Matchmakers are having conversations with It’s Just Lunch clients, many who have taken stock in what they have learned and how they have grown over the last couple years. Living a “healthy life” is showing up 9 out of 10 times, and the reality is, their newfound “healthy lifestyle” is making them better daters.

Yes, being in a healthy state makes you a better dater!

Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza recently shared on a meditation retreat a message that when we as humans are not in a state of creation or imagining, we fall victim to the randomness of life's habits which lead instead of allowing you to take charge of your day. Think about it, in the morning are you rolling out of bed doing the same routine each day.

That doesn’t sound inspiring, does it?

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating well, exercising daily, or even consuming x amount of water each day. Of course those things are important, and originate from how you begin each day. Dating and Relationship Coach, Jolene Beaton, shares that each day should start from a place of inspiration. Specifically, using one's imagination and creativity results in healthy choices throughout your day. This will eventually lead you into your dates with energy and excitement. Practicing this daily allows you to show up in an inspired state, and being inspired and living with purpose carries on through all you do, even impacting your date conversations with productive language and thoughts.

Being healthy has an impact on one’s dating - there’s no way around it.

Instead consider using your imagination and creativity from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Bringing awareness to this one small moment each day can lead to an impactful mindset shift that will affect your choices throughout the day leading up to your First Date!

Shifting can be as simple as incorporating one of the following 3 ideas into your morning ritual to start your day (remember that when starting anything new, start with bite size pieces and slowly build so you actually make an impactful change):

  1. Day Dream - Research has shown that mind wandering lights up connections across a series of brain regions, sparking your brain for creative thinking and increased brain health. Let your mind wander off with ideas as you journal or give yourself space and time to explore those feelings only as thoughts.
  2. Play - Explore your imagination by coloring, listening to music, singing, laughing, going outside, etc. Express yourself verbally and non-verbally, plan, act, interact, react. Employ creative thinking while manipulating your senses.
  3. Meditate - Explore new perspectives on situations, increase self awareness; meditation increases intrinsic functional connectivity in the brain, meditation directly improves the brain functions that produce creativity. Being creative is thinking in different ways and being open to new opportunities. The more flexible our thinking, the more artistic we will be. To be innovative and inventive, we need to be good at divergent and convergent thinking.

Starting your day with daydreaming, playing or meditating will take your life off autopilot. It will put you into this desired state of creation, which will stay with you throughout the day. The state of creation will naturally help you make good, healthy choices, ie. pick healthy options for your meals, want to exercise, etc. Using our imagination in the morning allows us to become inspired humans by removing opportunities to live in the past, places of lack, or a worried state. In our optimal mental state, every connection we make is positive and continues to snowball throughout our interactions, activities and mindset. By the end of the day, you have lived a day full of positive choices, choices that were made easily stemming from your creativity and were inspired by your purpose.

Starting each day in an inspired state, impacts date night with your stored energy from the day, creating a readiness to be fully present; not worried about the past or the future, just being able to show up and easily connect with your date. All allowing you to show up in a place of true inspiration, and that is what healthy living and dating is.

Healthy life, healthy dating, feeling good, making other people feel good, and showing up INSPIRED is what mastering dating looks like. Are you ready to be an inspired dater?

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