It’s that time of year when Hallmark starts their Countdown to Christmas, holiday shopping is in full swing and events are happening all around your city. It’s only natural that the anticipation of spending this season with someone special would be a constant thought in your mind. But, before you mingle your way right under that mistletoe, let’s make sure we’re mentally ready for the holi-dates!

Don’t let the hype of the holidays be stressful! We know that the idea of spending it alone or with someone new can be nerve wracking if you let it. Take control of your dating life this November and prep your mind for meeting someone new. And to do that, it’s time to focus on what you are grateful for. Putting it into perspective, a grateful heart and mind keeps us in the right mindset to enjoy everything about the season, including holi-dating.

So, let’s talk about why it’s important to practice gratitude and how it may help brighten your dating season this year!

Yes, gratitude talk has a tendency to cause some eye rolls, but our Dating Coaches know it can seriously improve your mental well-being, your physical health, and your overall outlook, especially when dating. It’s as easy as finding 2-3 things to be grateful for each day.

Mental HealthDid you know that the practice of gratitude has been shown to rewire our brains? Studies have shown that people who consistently kept gratitude journals had significantly better mental health than those who did not. And let’s face it…when you are in a good headspace, you have more positive energy, therefore, you attract positive things and people! People are drawn to positive energy…so, let’s get it on!

Physical HealthHow many of you are tired? Did you know that practicing gratitude leads to better sleep? And do you know what that means? Beauty rest! You’ll be looking and feeling better on those dates. Not to mention gratitude has been linked to reducing pain and improving your heart health. Anyone up for some snowshoeing this season…you will be if you’re grateful!

Positive OutlookLet the joy of the season around you match your positive outlook. Positive energy while holi-dating is a MUST! Be optimistic and resilient about your dating life so that you are ready for anything and can focus on solution-based approaches to dating rather than catastrophizing.

So, it wasn’t an immediate love connection.
What can you be grateful for?
You’ve always wanted to try the restaurant and the food was fantastic!

Remember that one thing we can all be grateful for in dating is having the opportunity to meet someone new. That’s special and something to celebrate!

So, are you ready to practice gratitude this month? Try writing down at least three things that you are grateful for before bed and drift off to sleep knowing that you are prepping yourself for the best holi-date season yet!

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